Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaker embodies innovation and expertise in the fields of recycling, renewable energy, and the circular economy. Prepare to be inspired as they share groundbreaking insights, cutting-edge strategies, and visionary solutions aimed at shaping a more sustainable future. Discover how we can revolutionize our approach to waste management, harness the power of renewable resources, and embrace circularity to build a greener, more resilient world. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the conversation driving positive change and sustainable progress. Reserve your spot now and let’s embark on a journey towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow!


CEO of Designnobis Founder | Turkey

Hakan Gürsu, a METU graduate, excels in industrial design, architecture, and city planning. He’s acclaimed globally, winning over 240 awards in prestigious competitions. His firm, DESIGNNOBIS, is a top entrepreneurial venture in Turkey. Renowned for his innovative solutions, he’s honored as “Designer of the Year” by the International Association of Designers. Gürsu shares his expertise as a speaker for TEDx, Intel, and others. His book “Innovation” reflects his profound insights. Spanning various sectors from consumer electronics to furniture, his eco-friendly designs tackle conventional problems creatively. Gürsu continues to train design students at METU.

Prof. Jan-Olof Drangert

Assoc. professor at Linköping University Sweden

Dr. Jan-Olof Drangert is em. Assoc. professor at Linköping University. His area of studies started with water issues in rural areas, thereafter urban sanitation challenges, and presently global environmental impacts of food systems. He has published more than 50 articles in reputed journals and has been serving as Guest Editor to several publications.

John McFadden

CEO of GreenInter change

With over three and a half decades in conservation, sustainability, environmentalism and non-profit organizations, John McFadden brings passion and experience to community engagement. From ideation to execution McFadden has led municipalities, organizations and individuals in urban and rural forest restoration, watershed and wetland assessment and reclamation, and environmental education. Connecting with everyone from governors to garden clubs, he has raised over four million dollars towards conservation efforts, in addition to leading tens of thousands of volunteers in assessing and restoring streams and upland and riparian forest zones across Tennessee. McFadden’s work has earned four Governor’s Environmental Stewardship Awards, a Tennessee Division of Forestry Award, Tennessee Environmental Council’s Lifetime Achievement Award and the Tennessee River Biodiversity Basin Network Science and Management Award. His proudest achievement is working with volunteers to plant over 700,000 trees since 2000, impressive numbers boosted by a one-day effort in 2018 when he led 25,000 volunteers in planting 190,000 trees.

Mr. Steve Whettingsteel

Founder and CEO of Krysteline Technologies Ltd | United Kingdom

Founder and CEO of Krysteline Technologies Ltd – specialised engineered solutions for the waste management sector, particularly in the recovery and refinement of glass. In the 1990s Steve worked as a marine engineer on cruise ships, there was an urgent need to change and develop the way glass recycling was being handled onboard. This led to him developing “glass implosion”, the unique, patented technology behind Krysteline’s machinery. Thanks to years of ongoing investment in research and development Krysteline has developed an enviable reputation for high quality refined glass suitable for cullet, cement, foam glass, fertilizers, water filtration and expendable abrasives.