Daniele Pace

CEO at Frieden & Partners SRL, Italy

Daniele Pace is CEO at Frieden & Partners SRL, an international business advisor located in Italy. He was previously partner at EPT Engineering SPA until 2010, a company involved in EPC projects in the field of separate waste collection integrated systems for public authorities and private large communities. By 2009, Frieden & Partners foundation year, he has collaborated with several Italian companies to start business abroad, with particular reference to the GCC area, India, Japan, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and the main European countries. The most projects was developed in GCC area thanks to his personal long time relationships with all the four strategic contact typologies: industrial, political, financial, social. His first priority is the business development of those projects that can give to a country a significant boost to reducing its economy dependency from hydrocarbon and reducing CO2 impact. He is currently committed in developing Waste to Energy and Green Ammonia projects.