Ivana Schwarz

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Ivana Schwarz is an Associated Professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology, Department of Textile Design and Management. She has published 4 book chapters, 77 scientific papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings, co-authored 3 national patents, and edited 5 proceedings. She is the editor of the international scientific journal Textile & Leather Review and the editor of the Special Issues of the scientific journal Polymers. Her field of scientific research is the design and technological processes of woven fabric production, technical fabrics, and biodegradable non-woven textiles. At the moment, she is a coordinator for the Project “Development of multifunctional non-flammable fabric for dual use”, KK., and an associate on the Project “Development biodegradable nonwoven agrotextile from natural and renewable sources”, and was an associate in 8 international and national projects.