Javier Fiz Perez

European University of Rome, Italy

Prof. Javier Fiz Perez, an esteemed scholar with extensive expertise in real economy, sustainable and circular economy, and European ecological ESG principles based on the 17 UN goals, holds a distinguished academic background. He earned his degree in Philosophy with honors from the PUG University and specialized in Ethics and Behavioral Sciences and Philosophical Anthropology at the Pontifical Athenaeum APRA. He has also been an Academic Visitor at the University of Oxford. He also holds a Ph.D. in Bioethics and an EMBA from LUISS Guido Carli-Roma. Prof. Perez has held significant roles, including CO-President of Emerging Markets Some Connect Europe being also President of the IC-IF organization specializing in business training and consulting. He is also Vice-president of CORE VALUES contributing to various international academic and research initiatives with.