Mattia Bartoli

Center for Sustainable Future Technologies, Italy

Mattia Bartoli is working on CO2 electrochemical and thermochemical conversion and capture and hydrogen storage at the Center for Sustainable Future Technologies - CSFT@POLITO. Dr. Bartoli recognizes the interdisciplinary nature of the green energy research sector and puts all his efforts to develop not merely one-case solutions but platforms that could originate solution trees useful for solving complex scenarios by integrating material science with energy oriented approaches . The commitment to this vision has driven Dr. Bartoli’s research to achieve outstanding solutions in the field of biofuels, integrating pyrolysis and catalysis for the production of drop-in fuels streams. Furthermore, Dr. Bartoli, together with Prof. Leblanc’s group, leads the foundation of chemical formation route of the main families of carbon dots. Recently, Dr. Bartoli investigated the hydrogen storage field enlightening the relationship between ammonia borane decomposition and carbon matrix functionalities. The achievements reached by his research provided a new look to the field, allowing the rational design of new chemically hydrogen stored systems.