Last Edition Speakers!

Dr. Cosnita Mihaela

Transilvania University of Brasov

Dr. Carmina Menchaca-Campos

Professor-Researcher at the Autonomous University

Dr. Giancarlo Cravotto

Department of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology University of Turin

Prof. LETHIELLEUX Laëtitia

University Reims Champagne Ardenne, France

Dr. Siriporn Borrirukwisitsak

Department of Environmental Science, Faculty of Science, Silpakorn University, Thailand

Prof. Shin SATO

Scientist of Applied Microbiology using Fungi

Mr. Jorge Ávila

Plastics & Textiles Recycling Manager en Intecsa Industrial – Innovation HUB

Dr. Domenico Ferrari

Project Leader at Solvay Specialty Polymers Italy SpA

Mrs. Sally Houghton

Vice President of Sustainable Materials Management of California

Dr. Daniele Spinelli

Senior project manager Presso Next Technology Tecnotessile

Ms. Khadija Stewart

SOA Regional Representative (Caribbean) | Founder of Ecovybz Environmental Creatives

Mr. Kneyone Murray

Renewable Energy Consultant | Founder of KneyzusEnergy

Dr. Rachel Yerushalmi

Chair in Advanced Materials

Dr. Haifa Jammeli

Researcher in Normasys, Paris, France

Mr. Kieran Ganga

Renewable Energy Consultant | Founder of KPower Innovations

Dr. Sebastian Hippmann

Team leader of Recycling and Circular Economy | Recycling and Green Battery

Dr. Mercedes Santiago‐Calvo

Researcher at Cidaut Foundation

Mr. Eugene Wang

Co-Founder & CEO at Sophie’s BioNutrients

Mr. Fabian Loske

Business Development Manager at Sphera

Prof. Ilaria Mannazzu

Associate Prof. of Microbiology at University of Sassari

Mr. Renaud de Viel Castel

Chief operating officer at Rubicon

Mrs. Martina Minestrini


Ms. Khadija Stewart

SOA Regional Representative (Caribbean) | Founder of Ecovybz Environmental Creatives

Dr. Olusola Ololade

Associate Professor at University of the Free State


Specialist Engineer in the Man-made River Project

Mr. Ricardo Estrada Lizcano

Vice President at Plastilene Group

Mr. Jonas Karg

Associate Data Analyst at Sphera

Mrs. IuÇana de Moraes Mouco

Researcher at University of Campania ‘Luigi Vanvitelli’

Mr. Óscar Martínez Rico

University of Vigo | Master of Science

Dr. Douglas MacCutcheon

Global Concept Developer – Sustainable Acoustic Environments

Dr. Luay Froukh

Senior Water and Environment Consultant

Mr. Stephen Whettingsteel

Founder and CEO of Krysteline Technologies Ltd

Mr. Charles van Reij

Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute in Amsterdam

Dr. Fideline Tchuenbou-Magaia

Head of the Energy and Green Technology Research Group

Mr. Jaime Recasens

RCA Engineering Chief Executive Officer

Ms. María José Hernández

Founder of Project Biosfergat | ISA